Putinism “with a human face” – the expert suggested what will happen to the Russian regime


Putinism "with a human face", – the expert suggested what would happen to the Russian regime

By trying to negotiate on favorable terms, the Kremlin wants to show that it can still be negotiated with other countries. The state of Putin's regime has all the hallmarks of the late USSR period of “perestroika”.

The political system will irreversibly crumble in Moscow, but it is not known for certain whether this will end with the collapse of Russia. This Channel 24 was told by the expert of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Oleksiy Yozhak.

russia resembles the late USSR

The expert is convinced that all the processes that are now taking place in Russia are akin to the beginning of the collapse of the country.

Even Russia's attempts to negotiate and agree to allow an IAEA inspection of the occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is a softening of the tone. In the late Soviet Union there was a term “socialism with a human face” and now we also see an attempt to make Putinism “with a human face,” the observer explained.

In his opinion, this is an attempt to show that it is possible to negotiate with the Putin regime.

“This is very similar to how perestroika began in the Soviet Union. Just touch this rigid system – it starts to crumble. I'm sure that real federalism will appear there, because now it does not exist. But whether Russia will physically disintegrate after such “profound political changes – it seems to me that it depends on the economic situation,” Yezhak said.

He added that this process will directly depend on Russia's ability to survive under the sanctions regime.

“There is such a possibility, but I would not say that Russia will fall apart. Except for Chechnya and several other territories,” – the analyst believes.

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Why Russia will not push for disintegration

According to the expert, the fears of Western countries that after the collapse of Russia, new entities will appear on the international arena that will have nuclear and other types of weapons in their arsenal – a deterrent to force the collapse.

Not a single civilized country in the world will push Russia towards disintegration. Everything is aimed at Russia changing its policy, but they will not deliberately push Russia towards disintegration. – Yozh assured.

As an example, he recalled the speech of George W. Bush in Kyiv, when he called on Ukraine not to leave the USSR.

“But after the coup, in September, the United that if Ukraine votes on December 1 and supports the Act of Independence, then the United States will recognize Ukraine. It is a very delicate matter whether the United States will recognize individual pieces of Russia, and I think that the same thing will happen here,” the specialist emphasized.

< p> In his opinion, if the processes of disintegration begin in Russia “on their own”, then the United States and other countries will start working with individual territories, resolving issues of nuclear weapons and other dangerous things.

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