Putin's “cook” Prigozhin personally recruits mercenaries in Russian colonies, – media



Prigozhin personally recruits Wagnerites/Collage of Channel 24

Russian businessman and close to Putin’s entourage Yevgeny Prigozhin personally recruits mercenaries for the Wagner terrorist group participating in the war against Ukraine. To do this, Prigozhin is looking for those who want to fight among the prisoners of Russian colonies.


prigozhin personally recruits prisoners

Prisoners from the Yaroslavl and Tula regions contacted the media and said that a “short, bald man in years with a star came to their colony the hero of Russia on his chest, who called himself Yevgeny handsome” and offered freedom and money in exchange for participation in the war against Ukraine.

One of the prisoners said that together with Prigozhin, three armed men in civilian clothes entered the territory of the colony. After everyone who was able to walk was driven out onto the parade ground and lined up in ranks, Prigozhin delivered a campaign speech in which he spoke about the service in the Wagner PvK.

We are not armed forces, but a real paramilitary organized crime group. My guys enter African countries and leave nothing alive there in 2 days, and now they are smashing enemies in Ukraine. Your decision to serve in the PMC is an agreement with the devil, one prisoner Prigogine quotes.

He promises the prisoners a seemingly worthy choice, they will either return as a free man or die. In return, they will be required to kill enemies and follow the orders of the leadership. “Those who returned back will be shot on the spot.”

Prigozhin promises money to the prisoners

According to the source, “Putin’s cook” offers volunteers 100,000 rubles a month, a payment of 5 million rubles to a recruited family if he “dies with dignity”.

He said that we are not cannon fodder, no. The chance of death was estimated at 15%, of injury – 25%. For desertion, he says, execution, the same for looting and drugs, – the prisoner recalls the words.

In April, information appeared in the media that Prigozhin allegedly himself came to Donbass in order to personally control the Wagner militants . The National Security and Defense Council assumed that this was most likely.

Help. Wagner mercenaries are suspected of committing a terrorist act in Olenivka and a number of other war crimes in Ukraine

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