Putin's decree on mobilization contains a secret clause: what could be hidden in it


Putin's mobilization decree contains a secret clause: what could be hidden in it

Mobilization in Russia will probably take place in stages, which may be the basis of the “secret clause” in Putin's decree. It can form the mechanisms by which the Kremlin will conduct the draft.

Also, “secret item” may refer to the peculiarities of the use of certain types of weapons. This channel 24 was told by a military expert, colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military pilot Roman Svitan.

The expert noted that in Putin's decree on mobilization there may be a secret parallel decree, which no one at all sees what's going on inside the system.

Each of those technical items that are now shown – they can be for official use, or they can be assigned one of the secrecy stamps. Therefore, most likely, there are secret decrees that the general public will not know about,” the observer explained.

Will Putin’s decree change the course of the war against Ukraine: watch the video

< p>According to him, paragraph 7 is one of those mechanisms that reveal the sequence of the call, the number of those who will be called.

“Shoigu could say about the total number of 300 thousand people, and in closed decrees they can note that the first month – 50 thousand, the second – 100 thousand. That is, they are broken down by time and by category. Moreover, there are moments of a closed plan, if they may relate to nuclear weapons, aviation and missile forces,” Svitan concluded.

Partial mobilization was announced in Russia: what is known

  • Today, September 21, the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, signed Decree on partial mobilization in Russia. In accordance with it, the Kremlin plans to mobilize up to 300 thousand people.
  • Everyone was intrigued by the 7th secret point. The speaker of the dictator, Dmitry Peskov, made it clear that he was talking about the number of mobilized.
  • Before that, on September 20, militants of quasi-formations in the Donbass and Gauleiters of the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions announced a pseudo-referendum for “entry” into Russia. Russian henchmen are in such a hurry that “referendums” have been scheduled for September 23-27.
  • At the same time, the Russian State Duma amended the Criminal Code on crimes during mobilization and martial law.

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