“Putin's friends”: Economist has established a rating of countries sympathetic to Russia


Russia is driving itself into ever greater exile every day. Whatever it was, but she still has friends and allies. Journalists even made a whole rating.

It did not become a mystery to anyone that Belarus is in the first place in this conditional rating. Note that it was formed according to the principle of geopolitical proximity.

Russia is losing support

But this does not happen instantly. For example, not everyone supported the UN resolution condemning the Russian invasion. There were 39 states that decided not to do this. It is clear that this pleases the aggressor country very much. Like, the sanctions do not matter, and Russia is still on horseback.

Journalists noted that on paper, Russia's geopolitical influence can be astounding. After all, its troops and mercenaries are located in at least 16 countries of the world. It should also be noted that the aggressor country is supported by weapons. In the past decade alone, it has entered into agreements to import arms from 22 countries around the world. Particularly China and India.

Russia's influence on other states inspired the rating of its “friends”. As we said above, it is headed by Belarus. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

Rating “friends of Russia”

  1. Belarus;
  2. Armenia;
  3. Kyrgyzstan;
  4. Iran;
  5. Tajikistan;
  6. Kazakhstan;
  7. Syria;
  8. China;
  9. Venezuela;
  10. Nicaragua;
  11. India;
  12. Uzbekistan.

Since Belarus is included in the rating, it would not be superfluous to recall how its self-proclaimed president became almost an exiled Cossack. He flies to China, then to Iran. He even managed to praise his colleague in Tehran.

Lukashenka likes sanctions circumvention

  • During a meeting with the President of Iran, Alexander Lukashenko expressed delight at how the country manages to circumvent the sanctions imposed on it. Ebrahim Raisi, according to the propaganda media, even promised to share his experience with the dictator.
  • It should be noted that Lukashenka arrived in Iran on March 12. According to the dictator's press service, the main topic of talks between the leaders of the states is “development of cooperation in the entire spectrum of bilateral relations with an emphasis on trade and economic cooperation.”

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