Putin's last hope: how Xi Jinping wants to benefit from a trip to Moscow


Putin's last hope: how Xi Jinping wants to benefit from a trip to Moscow

Moscow confirmed that Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Russia on March 20-22 to meet with Vladimir Putin. And this will be the most important meeting for the head of the Kremlin in recent years.

This was told to Channel 24 by Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko. He noted that Putin now needs a helping hand to China, which can change its neutral position on Russia's aggression against Ukraine in support of Russia.

In his opinion, the meeting with Xi Jinping is Putin's last hope. In general, today he has two hopes.

Waiting for the US elections

Putin wants to drag out the war in Ukraine until it meets the US elections in late 2024. That is why he is now dragging out the war at any cost.

“In fact, the presidential election campaign in the United States is already underway. Two possible candidates from the Republican Party – Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis – are in favor of reducing or completely nullifying American assistance to Ukraine. And this is an alarming signal,” he said.

Chinese support

In his opinion, Putin's second hope is Xi Jinping's support.

During a meeting with the head of China, Putin will beg him for only one thing – we will give up all the northern territories, even half of Russia, just please give us weapons, ammunition, – suggested Yakovenko.

However, he thinks it's a big question whether Xi will agree. The United States is now working very seriously with China. But if Beijing moves from a position of neutrality in favor of Putin to support him, at least partially.

China can go to the full support of Russia, as NATO is now supporting Ukraine. But this is unlikely, because it would mean receiving sanctions from the West,” the opposition journalist stressed.

However, according to him, the PRC may limit itself to supplying Russia with ammunition. Or supply weapons, for example, through Belarus.

For such actions, China may also receive sanctions, but they will probably not be as powerful,” Yakovenko emphasized.

Igor Yakovenko on Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: watch the video

What does China want?

He believes that Xi Jinping will try to find the line that separates the deadly sanctions against the Chinese economy between allowing the PRC to survive, but at the same time support Russia and weaken the United States.

“The main prize that China wants to get from this visit of Xi Jinping to Moscow is Taiwan. He wants to create a trade mechanism: you let us do whatever we want in Taiwan, and we do not support Putin with all the power of our defense industry,” – noted Igor Yakovenko.

Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: in brief

  • Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that Putin's defeat in the war is inevitable. However, Xi Jinping needs a scenario of soft defeat for the dictator, in which he retains power.
  • International political scientist Maxim Yali suggested that the conversation between Xi and Putin could determine whether the Chinese leader will have a conversation with the President of Ukraine in the future. He noted that everything depends on what Putin whispers to Xi in Moscow.
  • International journalist Alexei Burlakov noted that Xi Jinping will talk with Putin about his “peace plan.” In his opinion, it is unlikely that Xi will threaten Putin or force him to make any concessions, because this is not very beneficial for him.

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