Putin's last speech remembered for 'cockroaches and anecdotes' – ex-KGB officer


Putin's last speech remembered for 'cockroaches and anecdotes' - ex-KGB officer

Recently, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has been spreading a lot of inadequate and absurd statements. He is a psychopath and insane.

This was told to Channel 24 by the ex-employee of the KGB and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia Sergey Zhirnov. So he commented on one of Putin's last speeches, where he talked about “Prussian cockroaches” and shared various sayings like “don't dig a hole for another, otherwise you yourself will fall into it.”

Putin has nothing to say

As Zhirnov noted, dictator Vladimir Putin lives in his own virtual world. It is quite real that he is a psychopath and a lunatic. But in order for him to live comfortably there, he believed in the things he said. Besides, the dictator doesn't really have anything to talk about.

What else is there to tell him? About a huge number of “200s”? About even more “300s”? The fact that Russian mothers send their sons to war and want to gain power. That's why he tells jokes. He is trying to pretend that nothing is happening … This speech by Putin was remembered for “cockroaches and jokes,” Zhirnov said.

In fact, Putin is really not a sane person. He sincerely believes in his wild statements like that Ukraine was going to attack Russia. That is, Kyiv wanted to attack a state with nuclear weapons, which has a huge territory.

And what will you answer here? Putin repeats this. And the Lavrovs, Shoigu repeat this. They laugh at Lavrov in a normal environment. Remember how the audience ridiculed him in India,” Zhirnov emphasized.

Putin again made strange statements

  • Vladimir Putin met with local businessmen in Russia. there he again uttered several wild statements.
  • The dictator argued that the yield in Russia exceeded European characteristics. And Westerners seem to be advised to switch from lettuce and tomatoes to turnips.
  • He believes that the closure of Western markets for Russia is a plus. After all, local business makes the life of Russians much better.

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