Putin's team shows him as bad as possible – ex-KGB officer gave funny examples


Putin's team shows him as badly as possible – ex-KGB officer gave funny examples

Something strange happened to Putin's team. If earlier everyone around cared about his reputation, now it seems that they are trying to show him as badly as possible. Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Zhirnov. It is interesting that even the terrorist Girkin told how to distinguish Putin's understudies.Zhirnov said that Putin's reputation, such an impression, was no longer taken care of. In the golden chambers of the Kremlin, he awarded the heroes. True, 300 thousand Russians in the dirty trenches looked at Putin with champagne. In general, before they tried to shoot it from below, pick it up below the environment so that it seemed higher, but now it doesn’t.

Or how Putin allegedly defended the Christmas service in the church. And we see a lighted window, and we understand what kind of service at night with a lighted window. True, they learned the lessons from last year. He then stood on his own, but as if from the female side, and now from the male side, but the window got into the frame, – said the ex-employee of the KGB and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

He added that there were no there was even a festive tree. Rather, it was normal. It seems that just before the shooting, the FSO officer remembered that there was no Christmas tree and just went and cut down the one that was. It is also noticeable that Putin was wearing at least 3 bulletproof vests, although physically there could be no one next to him.

Putin is afraid to let TV people near him

According to the ex-employee of the KGB and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, it seems that Putin is now afraid to let TV people near him, only the FSO. So it looks like they are filming it, so there are no necessary angles, etc. On Russian television – according to certain data, the shows of Solovyov, Skabeeva are not even included in the top 40 programs.

“People have stopped watching it. Except the drunks in Syktyvkar who have nothing to watch and they don't have the Internet, nothing, and that's why they watch this TV and get caught up in it. I'm sure that everyone who thinks at least somehow watches Ukrainian TV channels, because real live information comes from here,” Zhirnov said.

Zhirnov gave funny examples of Putin's team showing him as badly as possible: watch the video

Putin in Saint Petersburg

As he noted, Budanov and Zelensky rightly doubt whether Putin is real in the Kremlin. In addition, Budanov correctly said that Putin has cancer and he has a bunch of doubles. For example, recently he allegedly was in St. Petersburg, on the anniversary of the siege of Leningrad, but there is no guarantee that he really was there.

He was sitting in the background in front of the microphone, on which we all read Bosch, that is, the German microphone, in capital letters. He came to the 80th anniversary of the siege of Leningrad. In front of him is a German microphone and a plate with strawberries, can you imagine the blockade of Leningrad, where they say that more than a million died, and he with strawberries, – said the ex-employee of the KGB and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

He continued that this is a real madhouse. Perhaps Putin just likes to be talked about more, albeit in this way and in this context.

Putin and the war in Ukraine: latest news

  • The anniversary of the beginning of a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is coming. And knowing that Vladimir Putin is characterized by symbolic actions, one should expect some new escalation or provocation from him before February 24.
  • Vladimir Putin invited Xi Jinping to visit him in Moscow. According to Russian media, the Chinese leader intends to visit Russia in the spring of 2023.
  • Vladimir Putin postponed his appeal to the Russian Federal Assembly in December 2022 because he was trying to sit in the bunker at least some good news for Russia . However, there never were and never will be, but Putin nevertheless decided to “broadcast”.

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