Putin's war against Russia has just begun, – Yakovenko commented on the mobilization in Russia


Putin's war against Russia has just begun - Yakovenko commented on mobilization in Russia

Mobilization in Russia is Putin's war against Russia. There has already been a case in the history of Russia when those mobilized for the front returned to the Russian rear and staged a revolution against the authorities in 1917.

This opinion Channel 24 was voiced by a Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko. Earlier, he spoke about how the protests in Russia could demolish the Putin regime.Yakovenko noted that the fact that summonses are handed out to protesters against mobilization in Russia is a peculiar sense of humor of the Kremlin. The easiest option in this situation is that the person will simply give up the prospect of the front under the threat of prison.

It will be worse if he returns the weapon to the wrong side. Therefore, if the Kremlin is completely idiotic, then they will send such a person to the front,” a Russian opposition journalist noted.

There are different contingents among the mobilized

He continued that there are different contingents among the mobilized. Some sing, rejoice, shout all sorts of filth. However, not everyone supports them, because there are those who sit quietly with a serious face. The euphoria of the screamers will end when the first “loads of 200” with mobilized people arrive from the front. Zaluzhny said well: “We defeated the professional army, we will also defeat the amateur one.”

“They don't know how to fight. Yes, and from where, when they are recruited right on the street. So everything is still ahead,” Yakovenko emphasized.

Putin's war against Russia is only has begun

A Russian opposition journalist added that Putin's war against Russia has only just begun. It looks like this is the war the dictator had in mind when he said that they hadn't started anything yet.

Started. We'll see, he stressed.

Mobilization must be avoided by all means

According to Yakovenko, there are already facts of the escape of the mobilized. Zelensky also advised them to surrender. However, people who do not know how to fight do not know how to surrender. Therefore, the best option to avoid the shameful death of the occupier is to avoid mobilization:

  • Do not approach military enlistment offices closer than 10 kilometers.
  • Do not pick up subpoenas.
  • Do not live at the place of registration.
  • Do not open the door for anyone.
  • If possible, reduce your presence outside the home.

“A cellar, a bunker. If there is no way to leave the country, then this is the best option,” said a Russian opposition journalist.

He also said that when it comes to the mass destruction of “mobiks” at the front, they will go from there in parts. Just like it was during World War I.

Then the Russian army began to fall apart, to break up the front. Soldiers in whole battalions, and sometimes regiments with weapons, returned to the Russian rear. Yes, in fact, the February and then the October revolution took place, – summed up the Russian opposition journalist.

Yakovenko commented on the mobilization in Russia: watch the video

Mobilization in Russia: latest news

  • Employees of at least five Russian airlines and more than a dozen airports have been massively receiving subpoenas since the first day of the announcement of “shared” mobilization in the aggressor country . Potentially, from 50 to 80% of the industry's workers can be sent to war against Ukraine.
  • Russian contract soldiers are now forever military. The only way for them to return home is death or injury, since no reports from the command will be considered.
  • Protests against mobilization in Russia continue in Dagestan, a mass brawl has erupted there. In addition, rallies were staged in another republic – in Kabaldino-Balkaria.

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