Putin's “Wunderwaffe” – military expert said what threat the Russian Kinzhal missile poses


Putin's Wunderwaffe, – military expert said what threat the Russian Kinzhal missile poses


On August 7, Russian occupiers used Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to attack Vinnitsa areas. This is the newest type that an armed aggressor country has.


Live Channel 24 Oleg Katkov, military expert, editor-in-chief of Defense Express, explained that the main feature of the Kinzhal is its enormous speed.

According to him, there is indeed more fog than real data regarding development.< /p>

She (the Kinzhal rocket – Channel 24) belongs to Putin's so-called “wunderwaffe”. That is, such a miracle weapon, like the Third Reich, so its real characteristics are extremely vague. Only some tattered data are known, which often differ from source to source,” Oleg Katkov said. , accelerating at speeds up to 4 kilometers per second. This is its maximum speed,” said Oleg Katkov.

He added that the exact range is unknown, how much the rocket flies. Estimated, if we take a verified strike on the Vinnitsa region, which is confirmed by the Air Force of Ukraine, more than 500 kilometers are possible.

It turns out that she overcomes this distance simply in a matter of seconds. And after that, a fall on the target begins, like a ballistic missile, – said Oleg Katkov.

Is it possible to intercept

“Interception of ballistic missiles is an astronomical task. This requires specialized anti-missile systems , which are not in service in Ukraine,” the military expert emphasized.

He gave the example that one battery of the Patriot anti-missile system costs about $1 billion. A specialized THAAD system designed to intercept ballistic missiles alone costs $2 billion . These are astronomical tools and there is a huge waiting list for this weapon for years.

That is, the interception of ballistic missiles is a super-difficult task. If it is solved by the available means of air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then this is fantastic. After all, these complexes are not designed for this, – said Oleg Katkov.

What is the problem with the “Dagger”

According to a military expert, even if the missile was noticed on radar and an air raid signal was given, then there is very little time left to run to cover. This is in case immediately after hearing the air raid alarm, grabbedalarm backpack and ran to the bomb shelter. Nevertheless, we all understand that after so many months of war, people often ignore air raid signals.

Watch the video about the Russian Kinzhal missile:

Recent news about Russian rocket attacks

  • Russian invaders yesterday, August 8, tried to attack Ukrainian cities from the Black Sea. Our air defense forces successfully eliminated all 4 Caliber missiles – 1 over the Odessa region, and 3 more over the Cherkasy region. The representative of the Odesa OVA, Serhiy Bratchuk, noted that the Russians lost $6.5 million in the sky over the Odessa region, and this is only for 1 missile.
  • The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed fragments of the Kalibr missile, which was shot down by our defenders. It is known that the Russian invaders released it on August 8, 2022 at 10 am.
  • The air defense system worked in the Uman region. They shot down a Russian missile, but the wreckage fell on a civilian infrastructure facility. Two people were injured, said Igor Taburets, head of the Cherkasy OVA.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to effectively destroy military equipment in the rear of infidels. In particular, the country military destroyed the enemy S-300 air defense systems, from which the Russians fired at Nikolaev. Natalya Gumenyuk, the head of the press center of OK Yug, told about this.
  • Almost every day, the Russians mercilessly fire at Nikolaev, destroying it. However, the invaders will certainly be punished for their crimes. This was stated by the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak. He also added photos from the shelled city.

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