Qatar stores remove French goods due to Macron's words about Islam

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Qatari shops have removed French goods from the shelves because of the words of French President Emmanuel Macron about Islam. RIA Novosti reports.

One of the stores that boycotted French goods was the state-owned chain Al Meera. The company stated that it operates “in accordance with a vision that is consistent with our religion, our long-standing customs and traditions to serve our country, our faith and meet the aspirations of our customers.” “We have immediately withdrawn from sale all French products in all branches until further notice,” added the chain.

The RIA Novosti correspondent confirmed that the shelves of the capital of Qatar, Doha, which were previously filled with products from France, were empty. They began to be filled with goods from local producers.

The day before, on October 24, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on Macron's statement about Islam. In his opinion, the President of France demonstrates an inappropriate attitude towards the millions of people in his country who profess a different religion. Erdogan also advised his French colleague to treat mental disorders.

Earlier, Macron announced the fight against Islamic separatism in France and spoke about the need to create, together with the local Council of Muslims, an organization that would help build “enlightened Islam” in the country. According to him, it is necessary “to free Islam in France from foreign influence and tighten control over the financing of mosques.”

Macron's statement came after the murder of history teacher Samuel Pati in the suburbs of Paris by Abdulakhan Anzorov, a native of Moscow of Chechen origin. The criminal attacked the teacher for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during the lesson on freedom of speech. Then he published a photo of the severed head of the murdered man and turned to the President of France, stating that he “executed the teacher who dared to humiliate the Prophet Muhammad.”

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