QR code is temporarily not working at the Kyiv metro: how can I pay for the fare


QR code is temporarily out of order at the Kyiv metro: how can I pay for the fare

On the morning of May 26, CMVA informed residents of the capital that it was impossible to use the metro because of the QR code. They note that the problem is temporary.

Yes, the QR code temporarily does not work at Kyiv metro stations. Specialists are already working on updating the service.

How to pay for the fare

KMVA adds that now you can pay for the fare:

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  • transport card
  • contactless bank card
  • ApplePay and Google Pay mobile app
  • Recall that there was a recent failure in the subway . For technical reasons, payment for travel by bank card was temporarily unavailable at Kyiv metro stations. Subsequently, the people of Kiev were informed that the possibility of paying for travel using a contactless bank card and ApplePay and GooglePay mobile applications was resumed. Residents of the capital apologized for the temporary inconvenience.

    Three metro stations were renamed in Kiev

    On May 18, deputies of the Kyiv City Council de-Russified the names of 3 metro stations. The people of Kiev voted to rename the stations back in January 2023. Now this decision has actually been implemented.

    Therefore, the following stations of the Kiev metro will change their names:

    • “Friendship of Peoples” will be called “Zverinetskaya”;
    • < li>“Leo Tolstoy Square” will be renamed “Ukrainian Heroes Square”;

    • “Pravdy Avenue”, which is still being designed, will become “Varshavskaya”.

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