Queen answered how long sanctions against Russia will last


Kvin answered how long sanctions against Russia will last

Queen answered about the duration of sanctions against Russia/Getty Images

The United States has imposed powerful sanctions against Russia because of the large-scale war in Ukraine. However, the question arises in society how long the punitive measures will last.

This was answered exclusively by Christina Quinn, US Chargé d'Affaires in Ukraine, during an interview with Channel 24. She spoke about the West's policy towards Russia in the near future.

Queen: We will not stop expanding sanctions

Queen, on behalf of the United States, said that there is no talk yet about the intention to lift or weaken sanctions against a terrorist state. Sanctions will continue to apply under certain conditions.

Sanctions will remain in effect as long as Putin acts in the irresponsible and illegal way that he is acting now, she stated.< /p>

As noted by the US Chargé d'Affaires, there are no US plans to reduce sanctions. The country, on the contrary, plans to implement them in all possible areas until the Russian dictator reconsiders his erroneous behavior.

“We continue to expand sanctions from the first days that Russia violated Ukrainian borders. We will not stop expanding them further “, Quinn assured.

Full interview with Christina Quinn, watch today at 20:30 on YouTube channel 24. Don't miss out!

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