Rabies found in Poltava: a number of streets are in a quarantine zone


Rabies found in Poltava: a number of streets are in a quarantine zone

In Poltava, the animal was found to have rabies. This led to quarantine restrictions being placed on some streets in the city.

According to the department, on March 10, the Poltava Regional State Veterinary Hospital received a message about the contact of a dog with a fox on Mikhail Drahomanov Street in Poltava.

In Poltava, animals are vaccinated against rabies for free

The communal workers caught the fox, which died the same day. After that, it was confirmed that the fox had rabies.

“According to the report on the results of the study of pathological (biological) material of the Regional State Laboratory of the State Food and Consumer Service in the Poltava region, on March 13, 2023, the disease of the fox with rabies was confirmed,” the message says.

Poltava has quarantine zones and restrictions on the following streets:

  • Mikhail Drahomanov street;
  • Pavel Tychyna street;
  • lane Kulikov;
  • Franco street;
  • street Geroev Krut;
  • street Gulak-Artemovsky;
  • Lane High;
  • Velikorogaznyanskaya street;
  • Romashkova street;
  • microdistrict Levada;
  • Sobornost street;
  • Independence Square;
  • Swedish street;
  • Lane Market;
  • Heavenly Hundred Street;
  • Patriarch Mstislav Street;
  • Lugovaya street.

On these streets, animals are vaccinated against rabies for free.

Rabies is an incurable disease of animals and humans.

Local residents were reminded that rabies is an extremely dangerous viral disease of animals and humans, causing disorders of the central nervous system and ending in death.

Rabies is incurable, so the best way to prevent this disease is to vaccinate your pets every year.

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