Rammstein gives us a lot of weapons, but only for defense, – military analyst


Rammstein gives us a lot of weapons, but only for defense, – military analyst

At the eighth Rammstein meeting on January 20, the discussion on the transfer of fighters received a new impetus. However, first of all, Ukraine needs to get heavy tanks.

Military analyst Oleksiy Hetman told about this forChannel 24. He emphasized that no one is saying that the Rammstein summit was negative.

“Perhaps, we had too high expectations. We waited longer than what happened there. We were given a lot of weapons, but this is for our protection. It will be very difficult to attack without tanks,” Hetman said.

Pay attention – Hetman about weapons for Ukraine: watch the video

It is possible to get helicopters

According to the analyst, if our dream of getting modern powerful aircraft to achieve an advantage in the air comes true, this will allow us to quickly liberate territories. However, as Hetman noted, this will be possible immediately after they decide to supply heavy equipment, namely tanks.

I would very much like to get attack helicopters Apache from UK. There have already been such conversations. Three – four helicopters are capable of destroying more than fifty enemy equipment. This helicopter has powerful means for fixing equipment on the battlefield,” Hetman said.

He noted that the West did not refuse to provide tanks. The decision was put on hold. According to Hetman, there are nuances that we do not know.

“We trust our people who are working on this and hope that we will get Abrams and Leopard. Today we can defend ourselves by the fact that we were granted, but we are not capable of attacking powerfully,” the analyst believes.

Eighth Ramstein meeting in Germany: latest news

  • The Office of the President said that the last summit can be called armored. They indicated that there is a coalition of states that is ready to supply tanks to Ukraine.
  • Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau is outraged by the delay in supplying Leopard tanks.
  • Portugal after the summit announced that it would provide Ukraine with armored vehicles and 8 power generators.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said that not all the results of Ramstein can be announced, but they will definitely strengthen Ukraine's resilience.

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