Rapids Demir:


Rapids Demir:

Yusuf Demir

First big interview: Rapid jewel Yusuf Demir talks about his playing times and his debut in the ÖFB team.

Yusuf Demir is on everyone's lips. The 17-year-old is considered Austria's greatest talent and is under observation at top European clubs. A transfer abroad could be imminent in the summer. Most recently, he made his national team debut against the Faroe Islands in qualifying for the World Cup.

With Rapid, however, the whirlwind is mostly only used as a joker. Coach Didi Kühbauer is repeatedly criticized by fans and experts for not letting his top talent play more often. The coach holds that he wants to carefully build up the offensive player.

What does the kicker himself say? Demir gave the TV broadcaster “Sky” an interview in which he commented on it. Rapid has so far largely kept his protégé away from the media. Demir about his playing times: “I'm ambitious and want to play, that's the truth. Of course you want to play 90 minutes and you train for it every day. In the end, the coach decides.”

Demir made it clear that he wanted himself more starting XI, but remained diplomatic. The youngster responded more emotionally when asked about his Rapid debut in 2019. Back then, before Corona, the Allianz Stadium was still full: “Before warming up you were actually nervous, you had goose bumps. When you walked in, the stadium was full and everyone was just screaming, you just thought, let me play, let me out, let me kick.

The hype surrounding himself doesn't bother him: “It's something beautiful, something unbelievable. It's more beautiful than pressure.” His first course with the national team didn't change that. For the first time he trained and played with stars like David Alaba. Demir: “You gave me a lot of tips that I will certainly need for the future.”

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