RAS specialists commented on the “recognition” of the fifth ocean

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RAS specialists commented on the

The Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences commented on the recognition by National Geographic magazine of the existence of the fifth ocean on Earth. Experts noted that the study of the waters of the Southern Ocean has been going on for a long time, so that no discovery was made in the United States.

“This issue has long been studied, about the Fifth Ocean is written in detail not only in Wikipedia, but also in the Great Russian Encyclopedia. There are different points of view on this question, and they (the journal) have not made any discovery, – Gazeta.Ru, a senior researcher Alexander Khropov, quotes.

The expert added that references to the Southern Ocean are even in school textbooks on geography, although it is traditionally believed that three oceans go to the shores of Antarctica.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the specialists of the National Geographic Society of the USA officially recognized the existence of the fifth – the Southern Ocean. And from June 8, 2021, they begin to mark it on their maps. This was reported by National Geographic. In the concept of the Southern Ocean, it was decided to include all waters surrounding Antarctica and extending up to 60 degrees south latitude, with the exception of the Drake Passage and the Scotia Sea.

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