Record blizzard in California: the state has the most snow in half a century

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 Record blizzard in California: state has the most snow in half a century

Felling trees and covering roads.

American The state of California received the largest amount of snow in half a century.

This was reported in TSN. Ranok December 29th.

Almost half a meter covered snowdrifts. The last time nearly the same amount of snow fell in California was in 1970. The Lake Tahoe area suffered the most. There are reports of closed highways and felled trees.

The residents of the state had to work hard to clean up the courtyards. However, some of the bad weather were delighted. Some Californians took the opportunity to ski and sled.

Canada is reported to be very cold . Saskatchewan is now -51. The frost is expected to last for about a week due to an area of ​​high atmospheric pressure over the region.

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