Record-long operating rocket engine tested in Russia

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Record-breaking rocket engine tested in Russia

In Russia, they tested a rocket engine that can operate for more than three thousand seconds (50 minutes), which makes it a record long-working one. This is reported by TASS.

Compared to other products, it works almost 10 times more efficiently, since a conventional third-stage rocket engine usually runs for about 280 seconds.

“We carried out such a long test, and the engine worked not only for 750 seconds in one start, but worked for more than three thousand seconds,” said Viktor Gorokhov, chief designer of JSC “KB Khimavtomatiki”.

He also stressed that the new oxygen-kerosene engine is the most economical, as it is designed in a closed circuit.

Earlier it was reported that the US Navy conducted the first firing tests of a solid-propellant engine designed for hypersonic missiles. In May, Popular Mechanics magazine wrote that the LRHW, launched from London, could strike Moscow during a military conflict.

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