Record monthly COVID mortality recorded in Russia for the entire time of the pandemic

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Russia has recorded a record monthly COVID death rate for the entire pandemic

Over the entire period of the pandemic, more than 537.7 thousand people have died in Russia.

In October, 74,893 patients with Covid-19 died in Russia – this is the maximum COVID death rate in a month for the entire pandemic.

This is reported by the Russian service BBC News, citing Rosstat data.

According to the data, in September, 44,721 people died after contracting the coronavirus. The previous maximum was recorded by the statistical department in July, when 50,421 people with coronavirus infection died. Before that, the maximum was in December 2020. Thus, the number of deaths from Covid-19 was one and a half times higher than the previous July maximum.

On Friday, the headquarters announced that during the pandemic, 278,857 died in Russia human. From Rosstat data, it follows that the total number of deaths among patients with coronavirus for the entire time of the pandemic has reached 537.7 thousand people. Taking into account the October data, more than 460 thousand people died directly from the coronavirus for the entire period, of which 315.5 thousand this year (last year – 144 thousand).

It is noted in the fall in Russia, there was a sharp jump in the incidence of Covid-19 and the number of deaths registered per day . For almost a month, more than 1.2 thousand deaths a day have been registered in the country every day. As for the overall mortality, in October 2021 it increased by 20.3% compared to October 2020, the entire increase in deaths falls on Covid-19, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told reporters.

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