Record number of COVID-19 cases detected in UK since pandemic began

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A record number of COVID-19 cases have been detected in the UK since the start of the pandemic

An increase in the number of new infections in the country is associated with the spread of the Omicron strain.

In the UK over the past day, more than 106,122 thousand cases of coronavirus were recorded – this is a record number of patients since the beginning of the pandemic.

This is reported by Mirror.

It is noted that the rate of detection of new cases of coronavirus infection in the country increased by 30% over the week. 78,610 cases were reported last Wednesday. A sharp jump in the incidence is taking place, the government explains, as the number of cases of the new Omicron variant also continues to rise.

According to the government, 140 people died yesterday from complications of the coronavirus, so the total number British casualties rose to 147,573. Overall, as of December 21, London hospitals reported 301 Covid-19 hospitalizations, a 78% increase in a week and the highest daily rate since February 7.

Despite the increase in the number of cases, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised that he would not impose further restrictions in England before Christmas, although he refused to exclude additional measures after December 25.

Recall in Germany suggest to a fourth dose of vaccine to protect against Omicron.

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