Regular executions and sending to the assault before the salary: how the Wagnerites live at the front


Regular shootings and being sent to storm before pay: how the Wagnerians live at the front

Occupiers tried to take Bakhmut repeatedly, but to no avail. However, it cost them a lot of manpower. In particular, the Wagnerians, who were killed a lot near the city.

ThisChannel 24 was told by the commander of the Svoboda battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine Petro Kuzik . He noted that the attitude towards the Wagnerites on the part of the commanders was anti-human. But now, instead of them, regular Russian military personnel have been transferred near Bakhmut.

They treated people like patrons

According to him, the backbone of the Wagnerites consists of military adventurers, then prisoners and the unfortunate ones who fell for on Russian propaganda.

They were used in a completely anti-human way and sent to minefields and did not say for what purpose. And they did it in order to clear the area with their bodies,” he said.

Kuzyk stressed that the Wagnerites were also sent to storm to find out where our firing positions were. The less trained went into frontal attacks, while the more trained groups at that time came from the flanks. There were 7-10 assaults during daylight hours and 5-6 at night. They attacked almost non-stop.

“For them, people are consumables. Not only did they not respect the less trained category of fighters, but they treated them like cartridges or like fuel for cars. There are no Wagnerites among twinning. And the attitude of the commanders towards the people is bestial,” he said. he.

Inhuman manner of warfare

The battalion commander noticed that the captured Wagnerians were talking about real barrage detachments. For the surrender of positions and failure to comply with the order – execution. In anticipation of the issuance of salaries, they were sent to frontal assaults in order to kill them as much as possible and pay less salaries.

“Although we don’t have sympathy for the Wagnerites, we had a lot of problems with the great dynamics of the assaults and their inhuman manner of warfare. When a position is defended by 3-4 Ukrainian soldiers, and 20 Wagners come out 10 times, sometimes there are cartridges in the positions ended, not to mention other means,” recalled Kuzik.

Pyotr Kuzik about the tactics of the invaders near Bakhmut: watch the video

The losses were incommensurable with the task

He said that he and his brothers witnessed such a situation.

A second one crawls up to the dead soldier. We did not destroy him, we thought he would help him. And he pulled off warm clothes from him and immediately pulled them on. They have a bestial attitude towards each other, and not just their commanders towards their subordinates,” he stressed.

According to Kuzik, such crazy tactics of the Middle Ages gave results. Their losses were incomparable to the tasks set.

“To take three houses in the village, they laid down hundreds of fighters,” he noted.

The commander of the Svoboda battalion stressed that the Wagner units that worked in their area were destroyed and ended. Therefore, now the tactics of the invaders are more thoughtful and balanced. They work according to the military.

Wagner PMC at the front: what is known

  • Wagner PMC owner Yevgeny Prigozhin sends his recruited convicts to Ukraine to play the role of cannon fodder. So, out of his entire army, only a fifth is now fighting on the front lines. The reason for this phenomenon was the huge losses of PMC “Wagner” and the high level of desertion.
  • Personnel changes among the Russian military leadership will affect the tactics of warfare. Mercenaries of PMC “Wagner” can be replaced by Russian regular troops. So Bakhmut was stormed by the troops of Prigozhin and the “freshly mobilized”. After that didn't work, Russian paratroopers joined in.
  • Prigozhin sent his zek army to Soledar and Bakhmut. However, the increase in the number of dead invaders indicates problems with the recruitment of Russian prisoners.

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