Relays Putin's orders: how the appointment of Surovikin influenced massive attacks


Relays Putin's orders: how Surovikin's appointment influenced massive attacks

< p _ngcontent-sc90="" class="news-annotation">The Kremlin appointed Surovikin to lead the Russian army in Ukraine. It relays Putin's commands to destroy the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities.

This Channel 24 said military expert, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan. According to him, Surovikin is a kind of transmission link between the head of the Kremlin and the executors.

Why Surovikin was appointed to lead the Russian army in Ukraine

Svitan noted that Sergei Surovikin is an infantry general who, for some reason, became a pilot without ever piloting an aircraft.

He was appointed head of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The maximum that he can do is to give commands to the entire PKS machine to complete tasks,” the military expert said.

According to him, since Surovikin has a mindset more than an infantry general, the maximum that he can do is – it is to set the task of bombing, as was the case in Aleppo and Mariupol.

Surovikin relays Putin's commands

Svitan noted that Surovikin most likely relays Putin's commands. He is the man who, like a machine, will work precisely to carry out commands.

He relays Putin's commands to destroy Ukraine's infrastructure in order to force Western countries to stop Ukraine in the offensive and start the negotiation process. – said the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

That is, he summed up, Surovikin is just a transmission link between Putin and the performers. In particular, by the same aerospace forces of Russia.

The appointment of Surovikin and the massive shelling of Ukraine: the main thing

  • A number of personnel changes have taken place in the Russian Ministry of Defense. So, on October 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially appointed Sergey Surovikin as commander of the occupying forces in Ukraine.
  • British intelligence believes that Surovikin , probably reflects the efforts of the Russian national security community to improve the execution of the “deal”.
  • On the morning of October 10, Russian troops massively shelled the cities of Ukraine. In just one morning, the enemy fired more than 80 missiles, most of which were destroyed by air defense forces.
  • On October 11, the morning in Ukraine began almost the same as the day before. Russia has again carried out a mass launch of missiles and drones on the territory of our state.

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