Reminder of Russian aggression: on the memorial “Drobitsky ravine” will leave traces of shelling


Reminder of Russia's aggression: shelling marks will be left at the Drobitsky ravine memorial

Shell marks will be left at the Drobitsky ravine memorial/Kharkiv OVA

As a result of shelling by Russian invaders, the Drobitsky Yar memorial in the Kharkiv region was damaged. It is planned to leave certain consequences of shelling on it as a reminder of Russian aggression to future generations.

This was announced by the director of the memorial complex, Irina Ferentseva, on May 14, the day of memory of Ukrainians who saved Jews during World War II.

As of May 14, the territory of the memorial has not yet been surveyed by specialists, so there is still no exact information about the consequences of the shelling of the complex. Because of the danger, traditional annual events are not held in the Drobitsky ravine.

According to Ferentseva, this year the memory of Ukrainians who saved Jews will be honored differently, remotely.

 A reminder of Russia's aggression: the memorial

The Russians fired at the Drobitsky ravine/Photo “Public”

For example, as the director noted memorial, Israel awarded the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” to more than 27 thousand people from different countries.

More than 2,500 of them are Ukrainians, 90 Kharkiv residents. The first Ukrainian who was awarded this title in 1983 was Viktor Gladenko from Kharkiv, Ferentseva emphasized.

She explained that earlier, when conducting excursions along the Drobytsky Ravine, they told visitors that the memorial was a reminder in order to this has never happened again.

Since 2014, visitors to the memorial have been told: “We see that history does not teach anything.” After shelling in 2022, it is planned to leave traces of shelling on the memorial to once again remind future generations of Russian aggression.

Reminder of Russia's aggression: on the memorial "Drobitsky ravine" will leave traces of shelling

On the memorial – 9 thousand names of killed Kharkov Jews/Photo ” Public”

About supporting other countries

Irina Ferentseva also said that since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she has received calls from various countries from representatives of Jewish public organizations. They expressed indignation at the actions of the Russians.

“Our partners from Boston, Germany called me, everyone asked what and how. They were outraged. Although there is no official response from Israel, my friends also called,” the director of the complex emphasized .

Memorials in Ukraine: Latest News

  • Drobitsky Yar is a memorial complex that is a place of memory for the victims of the Holocaust in the Kharkov region. About 20,000 Kharkiv Jews were exterminated there 80 years ago.
  • More than 9,000 names of the dead people were minted on the memorial itself.
  • The museum contains photos, poems and diaries of the destroyed Kharkiv Jews Jews.
  • On March 26, Russian infidels shelled the territory of the memorial complex “Drobitsky ravine” near Kharkov, damaged the menorah monument.

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