Republicans also have strategic interests in Ukraine – political scientist on aid split


Republicans also have strategic interests in Ukraine, – political scientist on aid split

The US will continue to help Ukraine even if the Republicans come to power, because these are the country's strategic interests. At one time, the first javelins began to arrive in Ukraine during the presidency of Donald Trump.

About this Channel 24political scientist Mykola Davydyuk said. Earlier it was reported that the actions of Elon Musk could threaten the security of the United States.

Aid from the United States will not change

Davidyuk noted that Republicans very close to Trump are declaring a reduction in aid to Ukraine. The entire Republican Party is not talking about it. It has its own strategic interest in Ukraine because it supports any US strategic interest. There is an internal confrontation in the United States and Ukraine can be discussed for this. However, the US will definitely not play against its national interests.

We are part of these national interests. The US will never put up with a dictatorship, with the killing of civilians, with rapes, with the displacement of people. For example, the invaders are taking people out of Kherson. They took out both the Gauleiters and the civilian population, who did not want to go. This is pure Stalinism. This is how Crimean Tatars were deported from Crimea at one time,” the political scientist noted.

Davidyuk on the split among the Republicans about aid to Ukraine: watch the videoHe continued that he spoke with American journalists, and they said that they give us a lot. We are grateful for every cent, but 40 billion is not a lot of money compared to the trillion that went to Afghanistan. It is wrong to say that we are now the largest recipients of American money. Moreover, it is not about saving Ukraine, but about confronting regimes.

“Here is the question of saving Western democracies, saving the European Union, protecting the eastern border of the European Union – the largest partners of the United States. That's what the war is about. If you lose Ukraine “Where will you oppose China now? How and with what? The Republicans will come and help in the same way.” Trump said one thing, but anyway they gave weapons, the first javelins went with him,” Davidyuk said.

US News: Latest Events

  • American humorist, screenwriter and host of evening shows David Letterman visited Ukraine and was seen in the center of Kyiv.
  • In the United States, there is serious social and political support for Ukraine in its opposition to Russian aggression. At the same time, scandalous statements of concern with the help of Kyiv are part of the information campaign before the elections.
  • Republicans can win a majority in the US Congress in the midterm elections. This scenario is supposed to be disastrous for Ukraine.

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