Residential complex “Malinki” will receive electricity when the developer connects the house to the network – DTEK


Residential complex

DTEK Odessa Grids has fulfilled its obligations to resolve the issue of providing electricity to SK Family House LLC in accordance with the current legislation.

DTEK's position appeared on the operator's official website on March 17.

DTEK fulfilled its obligations to SK Family House LLC

In order to provide residents of the residential complex “Malinki” with a reliable power supply, the developer must complete the work in part of its obligations. As soon as the developer's specifications are fully met, customers will receive a reliable electricity supply on a permanent basis.

DTEK Odessa Electric Grids, in accordance with the technical specifications, carried out the technical measures necessary to connect a residential building on a permanent basis and provided the design capacity. Now the builder LLC “SK Family House” must complete its work in terms of connection, namely, to connect cable lines to the second input in the transformer substation supplying the house.

DTEK is ready to provide access and assistance for the developer to meet the technical requirements as soon as possible. After the completion of all work, residents of the residential complex “Malinki” will receive the second category of power supply reliability, that is, 2 power sources at home, as provided for by the project documentation, the operator notes.

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