Residents of a destroyed house in New Odessa still cannot take documents from apartments

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 Residents of a destroyed house in New Odessa still cannot take documents from apartments

In New Odessa, Nikolaev region, an explosion took place in a five-story residential building on November 27. As a result, two apartments on the fourth and two apartments on the fifth floors were destroyed.

As a result of the destruction of the building, elderly spouses were killed & # 8212; an 84-year-old woman and her 87-year-old husband. Rescuers found the woman's body on the day of the explosion, and her husband was searched for almost two days & # 8212; his body was found under the rubble only the night before.

In addition to the elderly couple, their 57-year-old neighbor, who lived on the floor below, also died. The paralyzed woman and the retired spouses from the same destroyed entrance were taken to the hospital in a state of shock. The man has a complex fracture of his arm.

The son of the injured man, Oleg, said that the house was torn apart right before his eyes. He immediately rushed to save his parents. He says that the fifth floor, where the parents lived, did not seem to exist. The overlap collapsed on the third.

Rescuers who came to rescue people from the wreckage & # 8212; first, we cleared the rubble with our hands. Subsequently, the equipment was connected.

Immediately after the explosion, emergency workers evacuated more than 60 residents. The mayor's office offered them to stay in the dormitory of the lyceum, but the people settled with their relatives. All their belongings remained in the house.

Since yesterday, experts have been working on the spot who must inspect the house and say whether the surviving two entrances are suitable for subsequent residence. Officials promise to inspect each apartment and only then determine the amount of compensation to victims of the explosion.

The explosion took place the previous morning at about 9:20 in a five-story residential building. According to preliminary data, gas exploded on the fifth floor.

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