Residents of the residential complex “Malinki” forced DTEK to connect their house to the power supply: what's next


Residents of the residential complex

On March 22, employees of DTEK Odessa Electric Grids carried out technical work to connect the Malinki residential complex to power supply.

Prior to this, the building was kept on the connection “from the builders” for years and did not have the capacity for normal functioning.

Now residents of the residential complex “Malinki” are waiting for compensation

As the residents of the house reported, despite the paid bills and issued technical conditions, DTEK has not been connected for years.

The case moved forward when the lawyers of the Coin management company and residents found a legal procedure to force the monopolist – it turns out that if you violate the deadlines for work after paying bills for more than 225 days, then you need to do the work not only urgently, but also free of charge.

“Malinki” has already filed a lawsuit / Photo

Such a mechanism has already been confirmed by the state regulator in the field of electric power industry NEURC. “Malinki” have already filed a corresponding lawsuit in court, they are convinced that their example will inspire dozens of other LCDs across the country to stand up for their rights against monopolists.

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