Resistance is growing: patriotic “Wild Field” was turned on in a karaoke bar in Crimea


Resistance is growing: patriotic "Wild Field" turned on in a karaoke bar in Crimea

Visitors liked the repertoire of the institution/Screenshot from the video

Despite repression and intimidation, many residents of temporarily Russian-occupied Crimea continue to support Ukraine. In particular, a video from a karaoke bar appeared on the network, in which the patriotic song “Wild Field” was played.


Please note that recently the Crimean activist Vasily Samoilov told channel 24< /strong> about intensifying repressions against Tatars and Ukrainians in Crimea. According to him, the FSB started real “purges”.

A patriotic song was played in a Crimean karaoke bar

On August 14, a rather interesting video from the temporarily occupied Crimea appeared on the network. On it you can see how a patriotic Ukrainian song was turned on in the karaoke bar “Crab” in the city of Shchelkino, located near Cape Kazantip.

The choice of the employees of the establishment fell on the song “Wild Field” by the Ukrainian rapper YARMAK. It is dedicated to our defenders defending the state from invaders. The song was accompanied by a patriotic video, which was broadcast on the big screen.

Many visitors liked the song. They even sang and danced. Near the end, a burly man approached the workers with a beer in a plastic cup. Most likely, he asked to change the repertoire, because after that one of the guys ran to the laptop.

According to ZN.UA, this video caused a great resonance in Russian telegram channels. Therefore, it is possible that this karaoke bar can expect the fate of the Crimean service station, which was illegally demolished after refusing to service the equipment of the invaders.

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