“Retired father gave”: customs officer found 150 thousand dollars of strange origin


The NAPC discovered that the Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Service had received a cash “gift” of $150,000 from his retired father. We are talking about Ruslan Cherkassky. This case will be investigated by SAP.

On Friday, March 17, the National Corruption Prevention Agency reported that it had monitored the lifestyle of a high-ranking customs official, Ruslan Cherkassky. As a result, it became known that the official owns assets of dubious origin in the amount of about 150 thousand dollars (4 million hryvnias at the time of receipt).

“Gift from a retired father”

It is important that the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAP) is already familiar with this fact – probably illegal enrichment.

On June 13, 2020, the official (Ruslan Cherkassky – Channel 24) filed a notice with the register of declarations about significant changes in the property condition, where he informed that on June 11 he received a gift in cash from his father in the amount of more than 3 million 995 hryvnias, the NACP said in a statement. .

At the same time, the message contains the official's explanations that, they say, he has notarized the “gift from his father” – there is a donation agreement for him 150 thousand dollars. And most importantly, this is discussed in the declaration for 2020.

Note! Monitoring of the NACP found that Cherkassky's father and mother did not have such large financial resources for a gift. In addition, it became known that the official’s father in 2018 bought an apartment in Kyiv for more than 1.8 million hryvnia and a parking space for 100 thousand hryvnia.

It should be noted that in the future, the issue of recognizing this asset in the amount of 150 thousand dollars of Cherkassky as unfounded and its recovery to the state revenue in accordance with Article 290 of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine will be decided.

Disciplinary proceedings were opened against Cherkassky

  • Recall that in early February 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed representatives of the leadership of the State Customs Service. In particular, the head of the state structure Vyacheslav Demchenko and his deputy Alexander Shutsky.
  • But Ruslan Cherkassky was only dismissed from his post, because at that time he suddenly went on sick leave. Disciplinary proceedings were opened against the official in the government, which were to be investigated by March 1.
  • As of March 19, the results of this production are not known to the general public. At the same time, Cherkassky still nominally holds his position.

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