Return steel fighters to their families, – “Kalina” from “Azov” dedicated a verse to his brothers


Return steel fighters to their families, -

The deputy commander of “Azov” Svyatoslav “Kalina” Palamar dedicated a touching poem to his brothers. He reminds them to bring all the captives home.

The poem was published by the mother of the defender Lydia Palamar. She stressed that this is the sadness of her son for his brothers.

The Association of Families of Defenders of Azovstal noted that earlier Kalina had become the voice of the struggle and unshakable defiance of the defenders of Mariupol for all of Ukraine and the world. Now his voice is back again in support of the undefeated defenders, for whose return millions are fighting today.

Poem “Kalina”

Tit viburnum pecks

In the half moonlight

Green Grove.

Not a word, not a sound

In a distant dream

I fell asleep as if I was asleep.

I even forgot my name

And every moment I wait

With the families of those

In whom does faith live?

I miss you, I pray, I don't lose

Hope that the words

It's not the wind

Not snow, melting in spring,

And they will return to their native steel fighters.

At the turn of the century

In the sadness of war

They are not with us now.

There is only one question: who gave them the floor?

Why isn't anyone changing them?

Not a word, not a sound

Question one…

Poem “Kalina” for brothers / Infographics of the Association of Families of Defenders “Azovstal”

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