Revealed a new way to steal WhatsApp account

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Revealed a new way to steal WhatsApp account

A new way of stealing a WhatsApp account was revealed on the network. According to users, a common scam method involves the use of friend profiles.

Users of the messenger began to report this on the Internet, among whom was the specialist of the Daily Mirror tabloid Tommy Wathen. He noted that the new method involves the use of the accounts of the user's friends. In particular, attackers try to force the victim to provide access to their profile through messages from people in contacts.

The principle of the scheme is as follows: the fraudster sends the user a text on behalf of a friend, informing that an SMS with a code should have been sent to the victim's smartphone. Posing as a friend, the attacker asks the user to pass this code to him, since he allegedly entered the wrong number by mistake.

Hi, sorry, I sent you a six-digit code by mistake, could you send it to me please? This is urgent, ”the message may say.

In fact, by transferring the code to the fraudster, the user actually gives him access to his account.

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