Revealed dangerous for changing the settings of the smartphone

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Revealed dangerous for changing the settings of the smartphone

Changing some of the smartphone settings can lead to the loss of the gadget's functionality. Anton Kukanov, the head of the Roskachestvo digital expertise center, told the Prime agency about this.

He noted that ordinary users should not use jailbreak on iPhones or activate root access on Android devices. According to him, if the hidden modes of the phone are activated, there is a risk of changing important settings of the device, turning off some mechanisms and losing the proprietary warranty for the gadget. For security reasons, the specialist advised not to disable the Find My iPhone and Find My Device functions on Android, which may come in handy if you lose your gadget.

Kukanov suggested with caution activate the mode of barring calls from unfamiliar numbers, since in this case there is a risk of getting a phone that is unable to receive calls. “You also need to be careful with the settings for” Accessibility “- you can activate certain interface capabilities, which then will not be so easy to cancel,” – said the expert.

At the same time, the specialist believes that the listed recommendations apply to ordinary smartphone owners. Anyone who considers himself an experienced user, according to a specialist at Roskachestvo, can ignore the restrictions.

In early September, Russian experts recommended phone users not to change their SIM card settings. In case of careless actions, you can leave yourself without communication and access to the Internet. Also, experts advised not to run developer mode on the device, since it is intended for specialists.

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