Reznikov announced the creation of a ship coalition for Ukraine: which countries have already joined


Reznikov announced the creation of a ship coalition for Ukraine: which countries have already joined

The UK donated two minesweepers to Ukraine. The Netherlands and Belgium also intend to join the “ship initiative”.

The creation of a “ship coalition” in support of Ukraine was announced by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov at a briefing with the Minister of Defense of the Netherlands at the Odessa media center “Ukraine”.

Now there is a trend to create certain coalitions in the interests of Ukraine. There was a tank initiative, which became a tank coalition. Before that, there was an artillery initiative, which became an artillery coalition,” Reznikov noted.

And he explained that the announcement of the Netherlands on the transfer of minesweepers (hunters for mines) to Ukraine, one can say that a naval coalition is being created.

Which countries joined the “ship coalition”

According to him, the UK has already handed over two minesweepers, on which Ukrainian crews are already officially located and the flag of the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been raised.

There are already at least 3 countries in this coalition. The maritime state of Ukraine will develop its fleet. We are also building a Ukrainian fleet in Turkey. We can safely say that a naval coalition has been formed,” the minister stressed.

Help from the Netherlands

During a press conference, Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Kaisa Ollongren announced that her country will provide Ukraine with two Alkmaar-class minesweepers and will begin training the Ukrainian military.

This will be done together with Belgium and other allies. The boats will be ready for use in 2025. This is such a contribution to the capabilities of the naval forces. We will also provide other capabilities – bridges and crossings, as well as radar systems, she said.

By the way, in January, for the first time, minesweepers transferred by Great Britain went to sea under yellow and blue flags. The British HMS Grimsby and HMS Shoreham became the Ukrainian Cherkassy and Chernihiv.

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