Reznikov, Zaluzhny and Madam US Ambassador Brink discussed preparations for Rammstein-3


Reznikov, Zaluzhny and Madam US Ambassador Brink discussed preparations for

Aleksey Reznikov and Bridget Brink/

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny held talks with US Ambassador Bridget Brink. The parties discussed preparations for the meeting in the Rammstein format.

Ukraine and the United States discussed the pace of arms supplies

In addition to preparing for the third meeting in the Rammstein format, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that, together with Zaluzhny and Brink, they raised questions about the pace of arms supplies to Ukraine.

Together with the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army Valeriy Zaluzhny, a productive meeting with the US Ambassador to Kyiv took place. We discussed preparations for the next meeting in the Ramstein format and ways to support the pace of supplying the necessary weapons to Ukraine. We are confident in further fruitful cooperation,” Oleksiy Reznikov wrote.

Bridget Brink tweeted that, together with her team, “we are fully focused on ensuring that Ukraine gets the capabilities necessary for its defense.”


The US Ambassador said that she had discussed with Zaluzhny and Reznikov how to continue to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield.

What is known about the talks in the Rammstein format

  • The format of the Ramstein talks is a meeting of defense ministers from around the world, which was first held on April 26. The contact group was formed by representatives of 40 countries.
  • The format got its name because the first meeting was held at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. After the first meeting, it was decided to provide Ukraine with equipment worth more than $ 5 billion.
  • The second meeting took place on May 23 online and was joined by representatives of four more countries of the world. During Ramstein-2, the situation at the front in Ukraine, the military assistance provided and other urgent defense needs of our state were discussed.
  • After the second meeting of the Contact Group in mid-May, 20 countries announced new security packages for Ukraine, including the transfer of critically needed artillery systems and ammunition.
  • Recently, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin announced the third meeting of the Contact Group. It will take place on 15 June at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

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