RF should resume work in Normandy format – Zelensky, Scholz and Macron

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The Russian Federation should resume work in the Normandy format - Zelensky, Scholz and Macron

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, French President Emanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appealed to the Russian Federation with a demand to resume constructive work in the Normandy format.

They announced this during a trilateral meeting in Brussels on December 15.

As specified, Zelensky thanked Germany and France for supporting Ukraine against the background of the military threat from Russia, as well as for the consistent efforts of these countries in within the framework of negotiations in the Normandy format.

The head of state said that Ukraine does not react to any provocations at the border, does not have aggressive intentions towards other parties and remains committed to diplomatic ways of resolving what is happening.

– I expect that Russian troops and weapons will be withdrawn from the borders of Ukraine as soon as possible. So far, despite continuing diplomatic efforts, they remain at our borders, Zelensky stressed.

The Presidents of Ukraine and France, as well as the German Chancellor, agreed to continue active work in the Normandy format and ensure the implementation of decisions, which were adopted by the four parties at the summit in Paris in December 2019.

– Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed that this applies primarily to such urgent measures to stabilize the situation in the conflict zone, such as ensuring compliance with the ceasefire , the mutual release of the detainees and the opening of two new checkpoints, the message says.

The parties also agreed to make every possible effort to achieve real progress in stabilizing the situation in Donbass.

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