“Rivers dry in Europe”: Russians are pleased with corny water, because there is no money


Russia will live in shit, but will always demonstrate that things are supposedly even worse in others. The swamps now began to mock the water level in Europe. It sounds the most absurd.

One of the local governors began to show off Russian water directly. While a significant part of Russia lives in poverty and sends hundreds of thousands of young people to die in Ukrainian fields, the economy is collapsing, and the future of this territory is being crossed out, they are happy with ordinary water.

What did the Russian governor say

During a speech, one of the Russian governors began to brag that Russia had an excess of upper water for the second year in a row. And in Europe, as if the rivers began to dry up. And this is a consequence of a warm winter, which, according to the forecasts of local propagandists, was supposed to be critical for both the EU and Ukraine.

Of course, when there is nothing good to say to his population, he resorts to manipulation. Says they have an “overabundance” of water. Sanctions have been imposed on them, they cannot achieve success on the battlefield, their standard of living is falling. But let's talk about rivers in Europe, – Channel 24 host Sofia Troshchuk laughs.

Previously, the invaders were very fond of telling that Europe and Ukraine would freeze in winter. It didn't work out. Therefore, now they need to come up with another absurd thing in order to “feed” the Russians according to the “zombie man”.

I’m sure that somewhere in the Russian outback, some Russian or Russian woman listens to the words of the governor and says: “Here, everything is bad in Europe, but we are good. Russia is great,” says Sophia Troshchuk.

Putin struck with a new senile statement

  • Vladimir Putin met with local businessmen in Russia. There he once again spoke different nonsense.
  • The dictator said that Russia's yield exceeds European indicators. Therefore, Westerners are allegedly advised to switch from lettuce and tomatoes to turnips. And for it you have to go to Russia.
  • Putin attributes the so-called “low yield” in Europe to bad weather, droughts and a lack of “high-quality Russian fertilizer.”

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