Robopog Mini Cheetah learned to land like a cat (VIDEO)

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Robopog Mini Cheetah learned to land like a cat (VIDEO)

Robopog Mini Cheetah learned to land like a cat (VIDEO)

American scientists have found a way that helped the four-legged Mini Cheetah robot to stay on its feet after falling. Development article posted on .

Now the neural network can calculate the trajectory of movement in just two milliseconds, which will allow you to land on its “paws”. However, for such a coup, it is necessary to redistribute the mass, so the engineers weighed down the robot's limbs, filling them with hundreds of coins.

Experts took as an example the mechanisms that nature had already created. Cats can land on their paws, thus avoiding injury. After analyzing how cats manage to align the position of the body in space, the scientists came to the conclusion that it is necessary to make the robot's legs heavier. They are usually made lightweight for speed development.

On each leg of the robot, boots with nickel coins were attached, which added 532 grams of load. At the same time, the neural network was trained to determine the position of the robot and transfer weight in the shortest possible time. As a result, the four-legged robot managed to land correctly.

Earlier, Chinese experts decided to satisfy the requests of dog lovers and presented a budget version of a robotic dog that can be customized. Externally, the Mini Pupper robot is similar to the American relative of Boston Dynamics.

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