Robot dog taught to pee with beer

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Robot dog taught to pee with beer

YouTube author Michael Reeves released a video in which he showed how he taught the Spot robot dog from Boston Dynamics to pee with beer.

Last year, Boston Dynamics opened up Spot sales to everyone. The robot can be configured for a wide range of tasks using a flexible modular platform. Author Michael Reeves decided to add to this spectrum of tasks the ability to urinate beer directly into a glass. What for? Then that sounds like fun.

The enthusiast has constructed a kind of urethra for the robot. He also needed Spot to identify the glass on the floor and start pouring beer into it. The robot could “see” the cup because it is white from the inside. It is for this indicator that the enthusiast tuned the system.

As a result, the robot was able to find a glass on the floor by itself, go up to it and pour beer into it (not always neat, but nevertheless).

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