Robot replaced wipers in Finland

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Robot replaced wipers in Finland

The Trombia Technologies janitor robot starts working on the streets of Helsinki. In particular, he cleans the Baana bike path and other streets at night.

Trombia Free looks like a futuristic mini car. It reaches 3.52 meters in length and 2.3 meters in width. However, the robot can become wider due to the outgoing brushes. He slowly moves through the streets, clearing everything in his path.

The robot uses LiDAR sensors computer vision technology to avoid obstacles. Trombia Free is capable of working in any weather, day and night. Its speed is limited to 2-6 kilometers per hour. So it removes dirt more efficiently.

The robot's battery is designed for 8.5-17 hours of operation per charge. It also has a high performance cleaning mode. Then the robot is enough for 4-8 hours.

Developer Trombia Free will conduct up to 10 pilot tests before launching sales. The robot will become available on the market in the first quarter of 2022.

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