Robots with backpacks: innovative delivery reaches the suburbs of St. Petersburg

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Robots with backpacks: innovative delivery reaches the suburbs of St. Petersburg

The press service of Yandex notes that robots are already fulfilling dozens of orders. Their number will grow as residents of the city learn about the new opportunity, and restaurants – to connect to it.

“This is not a pilot project,” the company told DP. “Robots have started regular deliveries, and we will continue to develop this location. For example, in addition to delivering orders from Yandex.Eda, there will be delivery of goods from Yandex.Lavka. We We are gradually expanding the zones. So, in Moscow, delivery first appeared on White Square, and now the rovers are already operating in five districts of the city, where they carry orders from Food and Lavka. “

The choice of location was made in favor of Murino, since the city is quite densely populated and the demand for delivery services there is constantly growing.

However, market players are still skeptical about the prospects for delivery by robots or drones. Igor Rozhkov, Marketing Director of the Samokat online retailer, notes that infrastructure will be a key constraint in this area for a long time to come. “We believe more in roboticization at the level of large fulfillment (all operations from the stage of ordering by the buyer to receiving the purchase). It is already economically feasible at the level of internal logistics. Companies have been doing this for the last 10 years,” adds Rozhkov.

Alexey Gruzdev, Marketing Director of the igooods product delivery service, believes that courier robots can be effectively used in small areas, for example, inside residential complexes or at a short distance from a warehouse / dark store. For the model of food delivery from hypermarkets, when the distance can reach tens of kilometers, they have a too short delivery shoulder.

“For us, robots are not yet equal in efficiency to human labor. The main reason is the weight of the order. In igooods, it averages 25 kg, but it reaches 80 kg. We will be able to put into operation robots only if they are able to deliver Such goods will be 100% safe and efficient. So that out of 10 orders, all 10 reach the client without delay. There is also a financial question: the robot needs to pay off in some foreseeable time, “Gruzdev said.

PGR Agency CEO Anastasia Bastrykina says that at this stage of technology development, it is not possible to make a fully robotic delivery in Russia. But companies that have at least a few robots of the latest model in their staff will look more profitable against the background of competitors and quickly conquer the delivery market.

The expert notes that robots will not be able to replace ordinary couriers who are able to monitor the situation on roads and sidewalks, can decide to change the route and quickly deliver cargo to hard-to-reach areas. “But it is obvious that robotic delivery will become very popular over time,” Bastrykina emphasizes.

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