Rocket attacks by Lozova and explosions in Zaporizhia: the highlights of the 91 day war


Lozova's rocket attacks and explosions in Zaporozhye: 91 days of war highlights

91 days of war highlights/Channel 24 collage

For more than 3 months, Ukrainian defenders have been winning the right to life in an independent and free country from the Russian occupiers. Every day brings us closer to victory.

Read about the key events of Wednesday, May 25, in the material of Channel 24.

09:25 In the Donetsk region, it was reported that the fighting was going on in Liman itself. As for the shelling of the Russian invaders, 12 civilians were killed by them over the past day.

09:13 Meanwhile, the militants in the Donbas staged a riot and refused to fight. As journalist Denis Kazansky said, they refused to become cannon fodder like their predecessors.

08:44Mayor of Pokrovsk Ruslan Trebushkin spoke about the enemy attack. The Russian military attacked the city, as a result of which six people were injured.

08:34 Petr Andryushchenko also spoke about the situation at Azovstal. He said that two occupiers-sappers were blown up on the territory of the metallurgical plant.

08:17Subsequently, in the Zaporozhye region, they shared the details of the rocket attack. It is known that at least one person was killed and three others were injured as a result of an enemy attack. In addition, 62 houses, a shopping center, as well as a critical infrastructure facility were damaged.

08:09 Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko said that over the past day, more than two hundred residents of the city were taken out to Russia from the “filtration camp”.

07:56The head of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA, Valentin Reznichenko, reported three missile attacks on Krivoy Rog. As a result, an industrial enterprise suffered serious damage.

07:46 In the Zaporozhye region, it was reported that a defender of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye shot down an enemy plane for the second time in a month. The Su-25 Grach managed to “land”.

07:22 The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published an up-to-date summary. Briefly about the most important thing in it:

  • the invaders continue their offensive against Severodonetsk;
  • Russian military are increasingly using aviation to support their ground grouping;
  • at the same time, they have to form reserve units from the Southern Military District due to significant losses.

07:06 Melitopol. So, taxis marked with the letters Z have already begun to drive around the city.

06:40 The operational command “South” reported on the next battle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region. There, our military had to confront a specific group of enemy forces dressed up in Ukrainian military uniforms.

05:25 Explosions were heard in Zaporozhye. This was reported by local media and telegram channels.

04:58 An air raid alert was heard throughout Ukraine.


04:00 strong>The operational command “South” told what the situation is now in the Odessa region. She is called controlled, but restless. And all because in the Black Sea there are still 8 Russian boats from which attacks are carried out. We are talking about 6 large landing ships, as well as 2 missile ships. At the same time, the invaders suffered certain losses in this direction. In particular:

  • 33 Russian soldiers were eliminated;
  • 7 units of armored and automotive vehicles.

03:24 < /strong>Russian invaders not only destroy Mariupol residents. They also force them to pay money for reburial. As Piotr Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, said, if someone wants to be buried like a human being, then money will have to be paid for it.

02:56 Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich explained what is happening in the Donbas. In his opinion, the Russian military seeks to “create a new Mariupol.” In particular, they are trying to interrupt supplies between Lisichansk and Bakhmut. In addition, the invaders are doing everything to take our military into the cauldron.

01:59 Lozovoy Mayor Sergey Zelensky said that the Russian invaders attacked the city once again. They fired missiles at him. Fortunately, there were no casualties or casualties.

00:49 Valery Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, demonstrated Caesar howitzers in action. He noted that it took our defenders a few hours to learn how to effectively use modern weapons and destroy enemies with them.

00:07 Volodymyr Zelensky told the details of the conversation with Charles Michel, as well as Justin Trudeau. They discussed sanctions against Russia, as well as providing assistance to Ukraine in resisting aggression.

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