Rocket attacks on Zaporizhzhia and the “clap” in Donetsk and Tokmak: the main thing for the 182nd day of the war


Rocket attacks on Zaporizhzhia and

Ukrainian defenders have been bravely resisting the enemy for exactly 6 months. All together – diplomats, politicians, military men, doctors, entrepreneurs and ordinary people – we are bringing our victory closer. Channel 24.

05:53 On the morning of Independence Day, air raid alerts sounded in a number of areas. We remind you that the enemy is extremely cunning, so do not ignore the sirens on this and subsequent days. This could save your life.

Rocket attacks on Zaporizhzhia and < /p> The map of air alerts on the morning of August 24 looks like this/Screenshot of the map

05:01Almost an hour later, official information on Zaporozhye arrived. It became known that during the second attack of the night, the enemy again hit an infrastructure facility, said Anatoly Kurtev, secretary of the city council of Zaporozhye. What kind of object is not reported, but it is known that emergency services are already working at the site of the hit.

04:03 Soon a message was received from the residents of Zaporozhye. They reported that powerful explosions were again heard in the city. Note that as of 04.10 there was no official information about this.

03:27 Sirens sounded in many regions of Ukraine. During the air raid, residents of Dnipro heard sounds like explosions.

02:37In OK “South” shared an up-to-date summary for the past day. The department noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit both the manpower of the enemy and equipment in the region. Among the losses of infidels:

  • 13 units of personnel;
  • self-propelled howitzer “Msta-S”;
  • 3 units of vehicles;
  • and an ammunition depot in Novovoskresensky.

01:27 Meanwhile, netizens talk about more explosions in occupied Donetsk and Tokmak. Local telegram channels reported that a fire broke out in Donetsk. Note that the Russian propagandists continued to get lost in their testimony. First, they reported “air defense work”, and then – a fire in the houses.

00:46 On the night of August 24, the Russian military launched a missile attack on Zaporozhye. This was confirmed literally in a few minutes by the head of the OVA Alexander Starukh. He then noted that the data on the victims are being specified. At the same time, it is known that an infrastructure facility in the Shevchenkovsky district fell into an enemy attack.

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