Rockets fired from Gaza into Israel


Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza

At midnight on January 27, sirens sounded an air raid alert in southern Israel. Rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip.

Air alert was announced at exactly midnight. After that, the Israel Defense Forces reported a missile attack.

The missiles were intercepted

The air raid in the South of Israel was heard precisely because of the threat of a missile attack . After 20 minutes, the Israel Defense Forces reported the launch of 2 rockets from the Gaza Strip. Both were intercepted by the air defense forces.

After prior notice (alarm – Channel 24), 2 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. The missiles were intercepted by IDF air defense forces, the Israel Defense Forces reported.

It is worth noting that one of the last such cases was in August last year. Then, during the escalation between Israel and the Islamic Jihad terrorists, the latter launched more than 350 missiles on Israeli territory during the day. The air defense forces then shot down more than 95% of the missiles launched at settlements.

The reason for the aggravation between Israel and Palestine was Operation Dawn, which began with the elimination of the leader of Islamic Jihad. The aggravation ended with a truce, which was first violated by representatives of Islamic Jihad.

In early November last year, 4 rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, after which the latter struck back. At the time, the Israel Defense Forces said it had carried out airstrikes on an underground missile factory that was used by the terrorist group Hamas.

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