Rockets for flights to the Moon and Mars have been patented in Russia

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Russia patented rockets for flights to the Moon and Mars

The Makeyev State Rocket Center has patented the appearance of a line of super-heavy launch vehicles for launches to the Moon and Mars. The description is published on the Rospatent website, RIA Novosti reports.

The line consists of three rockets with a payload capacity of 53 tons, 106 tons, and 160 tons into low-earth orbit. It is noted that carriers with a carrying capacity of about and above 100 tons are called super-heavy according to the international classification. “The data presented indicate the possibility of using the proposed space rockets for the study of the planets of the solar system, in particular the moon and Mars,” the explanation says.

It is noted that the proposed media are not reusable. However, the maximum version of the rocket should break the record for carrying capacity of the super-heavy Saturn V rocket, which was used to carry out manned missions to the moon.

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