Rogozin called the speedy flight of a man to Mars absurd

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Rogozin called the speedy flight of a man to Mars absurd

The statements about the imminent flight of man to Mars are absolutely absurd. This opinion was expressed by the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin on the sidelines of SPIEF-2021.

“They are fascinated by stories that soon humanity will fly to Mars. But technically dedicated people understand that this is an absolute absurdity, ”said the head of Roscosmos.

According to him, you need to fly to the Red Planet through the launch window, which opens every two years, and then this flight can take up to nine months.

“How to stuff 100 people like sprats in a bank, without the ability to move for nine months, into a spaceship? Then they will fly there. They have been waiting for two years for the next launch window to open in order to dump it back to Earth from there, ”Rogozin said, stating that in fact, behind these statements there is nothing but the move of a successful marketer.

Recall that Elon Musk's company is developing a Starship spacecraft for flights to Mars. In his opinion, SpaceX will start flying and landing such ships “long before 2030”, but the main problem is in creating a “self-sufficient base” on the Red Planet. The entrepreneur has already announced his desire to build a “self-sufficient city” on Mars in order to “ensure the continuation of life in the event that a meteorite falls on Earth or the Third World War occurs, and we destroy ourselves.”

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