“Rogue country, they could have beaten”: Russian complains that he was not served in a Ukrainian cafe in Poland


“Rogue country, they could have beaten”: Russian complains that he was not served in a Ukrainian cafe in Poland

Due to the war unleashed in Ukraine, as well as boorish behavior abroad, Russians, to put it mildly, not all foreigners are happy to see. What can we say about the Ukrainians, who, due to the aggression of the occupying country, were forced to leave their homes. Therefore, the indignation of Russians is sometimes surprising, who, in spite of everything, want a good attitude towards themselves.

For example, recently Russian journalist Sergei Kanev, who left Russia, complained that he was refused service in a Ukrainian restaurant in Warsaw. And they refused him precisely because of his citizenship, Channel 24 reports.

“Good Russian” offended

So, Kanev wrote on his Facebook page that he tried to convince the bartender of “Drunken Cherry” of his own support for Ukraine and that he himself suffered from a “bunker fraudster.” However, he was shown the door again.

In Warsaw, we entered the Ukrainian restaurant “Drunken Cherry”. They started to place an order, and the bartender said: “We don't serve Russians!” We began to convince the person that we are journalists, with all our hearts for Ukraine, and we ourselves suffered from the bunker fraudster, and in response – “We do not serve Russia”! They did not raise a scandal and went to a Polish bar. Too bad, he wrote.

Kanev was outraged by the denial of service / Screenshot

Probably, the journalist expected indignation and support from users of the social network. And he heard this support, but not in his own direction, but the Ukrainian bartender. Most commentators called such an act of the Ukrainian justified, and also emphasized that Russia is a rogue state.

It is interesting that these comments were left not only by Ukrainians, but by representatives of other countries and even Russia.

Russia is a rogue country

At the same time, some Russians themselves note that such an attitude towards the representatives of their country, which unleashed the war, is for a long time, and that they themselves are to blame for this. After all, regardless of the position of individuals, the principle of collective responsibility operates.

And yet – they rightly compare themselves with lepers, and Russia with an outcast. And they even note that it’s good that they only put him out the door, and not beat him.

We deserve it. We are responsible for the aggression of everything that millions did not come out to protest on February 24 last year. We are reaping the appropriate attitude, – the Russian woman wrote under the correspondence.

At the same time, other Russians also began to resent the company. Moreover, accusing Ukrainians of racism, sincerely not understanding, it is obvious why those who unleashed a war in Ukraine and allowed this are so disliked by Ukrainians.

However, another commentator simply reversed the situation and gave a vivid example: “In the 1940s, the Germans probably would not have been served either. It's idiotic to start killing people in the 21st century.”

We also note that in the comments they were surprised how the citizenship of the Russian journalist was identified, because “many Ukrainian refugees also speak Russian.” This proves once again that speech does not matter.

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