Ronaldo doesn't get any gasoline for his luxury Bentley


Ronaldo doesn't get any gasoline for his luxury Bentley


The UK is running out of fuel. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo also noticed that. Its Bentley was not filled up.

After the Bexit, thousands of truck drivers had to leave Great Britain. That is now taking revenge. Because there are too few truck drivers on the island. As a result, goods are always in short supply. Now the gasoline too.

Several petrol stations on the island have already closed, and there have even been fights over the last drop of fuel. Many panic-buy and fill the tanks of their cars to the brim.

The chauffeur of Manchester United star Ronaldo apparently also planned to do this. The chauffeur drove to a petrol station in the € 220,000 Bentley Flying Spur, which the 36-year-old soccer star had just bought. A security employee of the Portuguese followed in a Range Rover.

However, the two Ronaldo employees had to queue up, reports the English “Sun”. The chauffeur and the security guard bought a coffee at the gas station and waited seven hours for a supply of traces. But it didn't come. Therefore, the two things that had not been achieved were withdrawn, the report continues.

The five-time world footballer is a great car lover and has a collection of luxury sleighs. The Portuguese had recently driven the Bentley to practice at Manchester United again and again. That will probably not be possible in the next few days …

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