Roscosmos has allocated 318 million rubles for the implementation of the first mission to Venus

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Roscosmos has allocated more than 318 million rubles. at the first stage of the creation of the Russian automatic station for the exploration of Venus. According to the contract between the state corporation and NPO Lavochkin for the development of a technical proposal, it is planned to spend 318.2 million rubles as part of the creation of the Venera-D station. until March 2023, follows from the materials of the public procurement website.

The enterprise will have to “substantiate the feasibility of the mission and possible design and engineering solutions that ensure the study of the atmosphere, surface, internal structure and surrounding plasma of Venus at a modern scientific and technical level”, as well as “explore the possibility of returning samples of soil, atmosphere and aerosols of Venus to Earth”, quotes “RIA Novosti” an excerpt from the document.

Russia plans to begin implementation of the Venus Exploration Program in 2027. The first mission, Venus-D, is scheduled for November 2029 to study the planet's surface. Following the results of the second mission from Venus to Earth, soil will be delivered from the planet, said Dmitry Rogozin, general director of Roscosmos.

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