Roscosmos refused to abandon the ISS

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Roscosmos refused to abandon the ISS

The information about the refusal of Roscosmos to participate in the International Space Station (ISS), disseminated by some media, does not correspond to reality, the state corporation said.

They also added that the quote of the First Deputy General Designer for Flight Operation, Testing of Rocket and Space Complexes and Systems of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia, Flight Director of the Russian Segment of the ISS Vladimir Solovyov at the meeting of the RAS Council on Space “was of an informational nature.” …

“The question of the ISS operating time depends on both technical and political issues discussed with partners. One way or another, it is planned to begin consultations with NASA and other partners on these topics early next year, “Roscosmos said.

Meanwhile, the state corporation confirmed that they expect from Energia proposals for a new multifunctional orbital station, which, after consideration by the scientific and technical council of Roscosmos, will be reported to the government.

Earlier, Soloviev said that after 2025, an avalanche-like failure of the ISS systems would begin, as a result of which further maintenance of the station would become too expensive. “The costs of further financing, which are estimated at 10-15 billion rubles, are too high,” Soloviev admitted. To replace the ISS, Energia proposed to create a Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS).

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