Roscosmos warned of a possible collision of the ISS with a US satellite

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Roscosmos warned of a possible collision of the ISS with a US satellite

Roscosmos on Twitter warned about the projected approach of the International Space Station (ISS) with the American satellite BRICSat-2, which turned into “space debris”, on September 14 at 02:23 Moscow time.

In order to avoid a possible collision between the MSK and the satellite, an evasion maneuver can be planned on September 14 from 00:00 to 01:00 Moscow time. Meanwhile, the probability of the ISS and satellite approaching is estimated in hundredths of a percent.

The state corporation notes that the communication experimental satellite BRICSat-2 of the US Navy was launched into low-earth orbit in 2019 by the Falcon Heavy carrier rocket of the American company SpaceX.

In September, Ars Technica journalist Eric Berger on Twitter explained why the United States no longer needs Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz MS. “Since [America's newest reusable spacecraft] Crew Dragon has successfully demonstrated its capabilities, NASA no longer needs to buy seats on Soyuz from Russia at increasingly inflated prices,” the author wrote.

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